ECO Restoration Society

What You Get By Achieving Your Goals Is Not As Important As What You Become By Achieving Your Goals.

-Henry David Thoreau

ECO Restoration Society (ERS) was created to assist in the clean-up and restoration of a critically threatened riparian wildlife habitat area. Since its inception, ERS volunteers have helped recycle thousands of tons of household waste and tires from our beautiful Sonoran Desert, the majority of which ERS recycled.

ECO Volunteers

The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers.

-Terri Guillemets

Thank you to all of our volunteers! ECO's board & staff are truly grateful for your helping hands and the generous sharing of your time, which is more valuable than precious gems!

Volunteer opportunities: There are many ways to volunteer for ECO. While our most obvious needs are lending a hand with special cleanup events, ECO is like any other non-profit. We can always use a hand or two in everyday, behind-the-scenes operations. What interests and talents do YOU have that can be utilized for promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable community development projects? Your help is needed by simply spreading the love on social media as well as boots on the ground!

Would you like to be an ECO Volunteer? Send us a message via the Contact Us or Volunteer Now tab below and choose the "volunteer" tab in the subject line. You can also call (480) 499-0602.